on 21/01/2023

    POISON rings in 2023 with another super fresh piece spray painted with FLAME PAINT on a nice rough wall! ‘Raw is the way of the walk! Another mega […]

    on 26/12/2022

    One last 2022 update from Athens, Greece with FLAME PAINT and POISON of the. GFR CREW: “Spots that provide cover when raining are a must during […]

  • OSTEO Brushstroke & Tunnel Pieces
    on 21/12/2022

    Before the year ends here is some Brushstroke funk and a great new tunnel piece spray-painted by graffiti artist OSTEO! (@osteotenfingers) “FLAME […]

  • GESER piecing with MOLOTOW...
    on 20/12/2022

    This is Graffiti artist´s GESER latest piece focusing on a cool/warm contrast, much like the shift in weather from fall to winter. Some colors […]

  • POISON hitting a highway spot
    on 07/12/2022

    Greek graffiti artist POISON went for a classic oldschool look with a simple white fill in and red black combination! ‘Hitting the highway spot […]

  • Before the Rain x POISON GFR
    on 14/11/2022

    ‘Pistachio and Traffic Purple are all I had in mind these last cloudy days! I used this combo on my last raw wall, went for the classic rounded […]

  • TUNNEL VISION Graffiti Jam 2022
    on 16/10/2022

    Check out the photos and final pieces of this years Tunnel Vision Graffiti Jam Edition 5.0 (The Netherlands), from September 11th, 2022. Good vibes , […]

  • Graffiti artist ZEUS painting in...
    on 15/10/2022

    Graffiti artist. ZEUS40 from Naples, Italy went all the way to Thessaloniki, Greece painting some pieces and taking part at this years MEETING OF […]

  • Sharp freestyle with OSTEO!
    on 13/10/2022

    Graffiti artist OSTEO closing the summer out with this razor sharp freestyle: “This piece was painted with mostly all FLAME PAINT and with a few […]