• Nasty Sons x Craftmanship
    on 03/07/2024

    Dutch Graffiti artists Mega, Etrs and Romeo painting a graffiti production with a selection of MOLOTOW and FLAME spray paint in the style of a […]

  • MOLOTOW Summer Sale has started!
    on 01/07/2024

    Our Summer Sale has started with up to 35% discount rates! Take advantage of the great offers on spraycans, dripsticks, markers, and many more. Check […]

  • Summer in Athens x POISON GFR
    on 01/07/2024

    POISON is back in July 2024 with this great piece spraypainted in the heat of Athens, Greece “The saga continues, the heat of the summer will not […]

  • MOLOTOW Bakancsos jam Budapest...
    on 21/06/2024

    The MOLOTOW Bakancsos jam by MOLOTOW Hungary just went down a few weeks ago in Budapest with more than 30 graffiti artists participating and […]

  • BACON paints the MOLOTOW TRAIN
    on 06/06/2024

    It was more than just about time! Finally Canadian graffiti artist Alexander BACON paid us a visit and painted the MOLOTOW TRAIN after years of […]

  • Creative Streets Bratislava 2024...
    on 27/05/2024

    Between May 06th, 2024 and May 13th, 2024 the Creative Streets Festival took place in Bratislava, Slovakia! The festival featured over 20 street art […]

  • POISON x Mint Crocus
    on 02/05/2024

    Greek graffiti artist POISON is back with this nice piece spray painted with FLAME PAINT! ‘For this wall I decided to use some of the new Flame […]

  • DYVA & HAECK @ Exposition Layup...
    on 16/04/2024

    French graffiti duo DYVA & HAECK were invited to spraypaint at the Exposition Layup in Toulouse and brought this, one more great collaboration […]

    on 04/04/2024

    This project took place in a service tunnel of the Le Mans racetrack, which has been used by 800,000 people over the years. French Graffiti artist […]